Crest Realties and PMD

PMD has just completed the brand new site for Crest Buildings. This new bilingual site used to showcase their Canadian and American properties was accompanied by a photo shoot to showcase their Montreal properties. We invite you to visit their site. Visit the website

A new website for Canadex Laboratories

Production MD has just completed the construction of the new site of the pharmaceutical company Canadex Laboratoires Inc. A new logo was also designed to promote their new image, as well as another logo for their Dexamedis division. We invite you to visit the site. Visit the website    

Eurora Beautyfit Distribution and PMD

PMD has just launched the site of Eurora Beautyfit Distribution in order to promote its training service for beauticians and rental of high-end aesthetics equipment. We invite you to visit the website. Visit the website

Exceltec launches the ThermalTrace

PMD is helping Exceltec launch its flagship product, ThermalTrace. Exhibitions in North America are planned to promote it and PMD prepared for the event a set of printed products (banners and catalogues) as well as a new website. ThermalTrace website

A website for clinique Terra

Production MD has built a new site for the Terra Clinic, whose virtual image reflects the experience of this haven of peace built to reshape your silhouette. Immerse yourself in the Terra experience. Clinique Terra website

Holly & Ally & PMD

PMD has just completed the design of the Holly & Ally website and online store. This young Quebec company specializes in the sale of children’s jewellery in order to shine these little beings who are the light of your life. We invite you to visit a space where elegance goes hand in hand with divinity. Holly & Ally website

Miracle-Z and PMD

Production MD has rebuilt the Miracle-Z site to better showcase and sell their revolutionary snoring device online. We invite you to visit the site and even try what could become the solution to your noisy nights. Miracle-Z website

A website for Favreau Multi-Travaux

PMD has built a website for the contractor Favreau Multi-Travaux and its wide range of services offered in the concrete section. We invite you to discover its site and at the same time check if your home does not deserve a touch of renovation of Favreau. Favreau Multi-Travaux website

Isabelle Goyer to guide you

PMD has just completed the construction of a site for Isabelle Goyer and her mortgage broker services. We invite you to visit the site of this young and dynamic woman. Isabelle Goyer website

A website for Serre Toit

Production MD has just designed a site for the young company Serre Toit and its domestic greenhouse services. We invite you to visit the site to discover the benefits of cultivating at home. Serre Toit website