Martin S.

MARTIN S. A narrator with experience in dubbing, speaking English, French, Spanish and Polish, able to imitate accents, Martin S. is a talent that is constantly reinventing itself.         BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

German P.

GERMAN P. A Spanish narrator of Colombian origin, German P. has a young voice that adapts just as well to more serious themes and requires a more mature and imposing timbre.     BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Marco L.

MARCO L. Canadian-based Mexican actor, narrator and host Marco L. is a go-to for Spanish-language storytelling needs with a Latin American accent. His extensive and diversified training in the multimedia world as well as his years of experience make him a professional with immediate charisma. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Marcela P.

MARCELA P. Being of Spanish-American origin, Marcela P. is the ideal narrative for projects requiring a Spanish-American voice. As a Spanish teacher, she is also able to correct texts translated into this language.     BACK TO NARRATOR LIST