Hugo F.

HUGO F. Constantly looking for thrills through extreme sports, Hugo attended introductory drama classes at Ateliers de théâtre Danielle Fichaud.   BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Pierre M.

PIERRE M. With a background in dramatic arts, Pierre M. offers you a voice of a serious tone that inspires experience, maturity and confidence. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

François M.

FRANÇOIS M. François M. is a narrator, actor, host, comedian, impersonator, master of ceremonies, author and singer. For 20 years, François has been lending his voice to various commercials and animatics as well as TV shows as a narrator, character creator or dubber. He stands out for his rich range of voices.     BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Luc P.

LUC P. With extensive experience in television, cinema and theatre, Luc P. has both the assurance of maturity and the freshness of youth with his tone of voice. Ideal for a wide age range depending on storytelling needs. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Stéphane M.

STÉPHANE S. With his experience in theater, cinema, TV, advertising, modeling, video clip and corporate, events and photo shoot, Stephane M. offers his services as narrator and presenter. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Mireille B.

MIREILLE B. Mireille B. has experience in television, cinema and theatre and holds a training as an actress-teacher. We invite you to watch and listen to her demos: BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Guy B.

GUY B. Actor, narrator, animator, Guy B. has several ropes to his bow to fulfill his mission in commercial and corporate projects. Listen to his demos here: BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Martin S.

MARTIN S. A narrator with experience in dubbing, speaking English, French, Spanish and Polish, able to imitate accents, Martin S. is a talent that is constantly reinventing itself.         BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Benoît R.

BENOîT R. With experience in film and television and a former teacher, Benoît R. is an ideal narrator and presenter for your corporate projects. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Liliane R.

LILIANE R. A woman with a sophisticated look and elegant presence, Liliane lends herself to most corporate projects requiring an experienced woman with a timeless appearance. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST