Alain C.

ALAIN C. For more than 30 years, Alain C. has lent his talent to many types of voice-over mandates. Trailers, advertisements, e-learning and telephony are some examples. Make your next voiceover project a success with the versatility of Alain, a renowned professional narrator. Publicities             Phone messages     More... BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Akim B.

AKIM B. European actor specialized in dubbing and voiceover, Akim and his young voice like to dive into parodic imitations and dubbing where he deploys his talents as an actor, but also in more serious projects such as documentaries and others. In other words, versatility is the great strength of his voice. Trailer – Movie (Style: deep, serious, deep) BACK ...

Michel M.

MICHEL M. Having worked all his life as a teacher, Michel M. has a strong and deep voice that imposes itself virilly and that carries away. Being a natural speaker, the narration of becomes for him a second nature. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Hugo F.

HUGO F. Constantly looking for thrills through extreme sports, Hugo attended introductory drama classes at Ateliers de théâtre Danielle Fichaud.   BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Jeffrey S.

JEFFREY S. With a sophisticated and young voice, Jeffrey S. has many years of experience in recording corporate and promotional projects, making him the ideal candidate for your projects requiring a breath of fresh air. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Pierre M.

PIERRE M. With a background in dramatic arts, Pierre M. offers you a voice of a serious tone that inspires experience, maturity and confidence. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Michael D.

MICHAEL D. Looking for a voice for a commercial? An airing? A documentary? Institutional? Michael D. has a warm, professional and unique voice, perfect for any type of project.     BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

François M.

FRANÇOIS M. François M. is a narrator, actor, host, comedian, impersonator, master of ceremonies, author and singer. For 20 years, François has been lending his voice to various commercials and animatics as well as TV shows as a narrator, character creator or dubber. He stands out for his rich range of voices.     BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Suzanne C.

SUZANNE C. A narrator with a serene, engaging and professional voice, Suzanne C. incorporates in her tone of voice a wide range of possibilities that meets a large number of corporate projects. In addition, her experience as a storyteller for children gives her a major asset that will enrich the quality of your projects. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Franck M.

FRANCK M. With an experience of more than 15 years, Franck M. is perfect for recording telephone messages, e-learning projects, motion design, radio/ web advertising or any other type of performance. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST