Émilie P.

Émilie P. Appreciated for its responsiveness with its European signature, Émilie has what it takes for your corporate, institutional or promotional projects. Rewarded for her talent, this prize-winner narrator has an undeniable energy blended with a reassuring sweetness. We invite you to discover her with her demos: Demo 1 Demo 2 BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Akim B.

AKIM B. European actor specialized in dubbing and voiceover, Akim and his young voice like to dive into parodic imitations and dubbing where he deploys his talents as an actor, but also in more serious projects such as documentaries and others. In other words, versatility is the great strength of his voice. Trailer – Movie (Style: deep, serious, deep) BACK ...


LENY Chameleon voice over, leaning towards a European French and mastering the comedy game, Leny was trained in the vocal techniques of the profession for a professional performance! Listening to each unique project, she is therefore able to accompany you artistically to further sublimate your/ your customer marketing achievements.     BACK TO NARRATOR LIST


LAUREN French voice having worked for commercial projects as for national channels, Lauren is the European accent you need for any type of project requiring this beautiful sound. Listen for yourself to the wide range of possibilities of this young narrator.   BACK TO NARRATOR LIST