Geneviève L.

Geneviève L. A graduate of the National Theater School of Canada, Geneviève has had several recurring roles on major television productions and participated in several Quebec films. Producer and host, her charm is not only visible in front of the camera, but in front of the microphone as well, which makes her perfect for your corporate, promotional and advertising productions ...

François M.

FRANÇOIS M. François M. is a narrator, actor, host, comedian, impersonator, master of ceremonies, author and singer. For 20 years, François has been lending his voice to various commercials and animatics as well as TV shows as a narrator, character creator or dubber. He stands out for his rich range of voices.     BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Martin S.

MARTIN S. A narrator with experience in dubbing, speaking English, French, Spanish and Polish, able to imitate accents, Martin S. is a talent that is constantly reinventing itself.         BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Liliane R.

LILIANE R. A woman with a sophisticated look and elegant presence, Liliane lends herself to most corporate projects requiring an experienced woman with a timeless appearance. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Diane G.

DIANE G. A seasoned actress with 25 years of artistic and communication activities that have contributed to the amplification of her sensitivity, Diane G has experience in advertising, television, theatre and short films. In addition to journalism, singing and funeral officiating projects that enrich her palette, Diane has a deeply human voice serving all your corporate and promotional projects, in ...

Jason M.

Jason M. Jason’s voice has this double edge that respectfully imposes its message while being young and dynamic enough to keep a breath of fresh air. Perfect for corporate and advertising, it will be the ideal voice for your product. The Tow Bii Trailer La remorque Tow Bii Le Nautique (english version) Le Nautique (french version) BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Yves A.

YVES A. Bilingual narrator in French and English, Yves A. has years of experience in theatre, television, cinema and is an accomplished literary author.         BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Brian M.

BRIAN M. A graduate of the National School of Humor, Brian M. is a bilingual narrator perfect for corporate advertising campaigns, as well as for projects where the colorful incarnation of characters is required. Moreover, its great versatility gives its voice an age varying between 20 and 50 years. BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Laurie N.

Laurie N. Laurie N. masters the art of storytelling, harnessing its full potential to offer you a young, confident and perfectly bilingual female voice. Being able to work in many registers, we invite you to discover the palette of all its colors in its demos.   BACK TO NARRATOR LIST

Claudio N.

CLAUDIO N. A narrator of Italian origin, Claudio has a dynamic voice perfectly trilingual (English, French, Italian) that adapts as much to advertising that challenges, as to more serious, even comic themes. With such a variety of tones, Claudio is a true chameleon of narration.       BACK TO NARRATOR LIST